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I know the American media seems to have no idea of what the word context even men, never mind how to apply it, but their coverage on charles wade is just ugghhh. First of all who said he was the leader of BLM? Why is it that every man who has any history at all with BLM becomes some sort of defacto leader and the face for the entire movement (see Shaun King and Deray McKesson)? A simple fact check would show that BLM was actually started by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, three black QUEER WOMEN, but no one can seem to remember that they exist. No one can seem to see people like Netta or other black women who are prominent in the movement.

Soo . . . I suppose it doesn't come as a surprise that people wanting to skewer BLM are using Wade as an example of how evil the movement really is. It also doesn't come as a surprise to immediately see lowlife men and pick me women screaming, "It's a setup cause cointelpro. "Somebody is always trying to bring a brother down." None of it is suprising but it's irritating as hell.

It seems to be beyond people to take a moment to see what black women have been saying continuously about how women have been marginalized in the movement or erased, or to even get a wide sampling of black women's feelings on this or anything else, even Beyonce. People can't note the constant criticism of how people even within BLM respond to state violence against black girls vs black boys. They can't see how response to the apathy towards the problems of black women and girls coined movements or conversations like #YouOKSis or #Fasttailedgirlsm or #SayHerName and so many others. The whole thing is just that this asshat may have done something horrible to a young girl, BLM as a movement has to be implicated and women associated with the movement are also guilty and not really feminist. Fuck these people cause even though it's not surprising it's annoying and tiring as hell.

Yeah I'm salty

Anyone who thinks that the current trans rights phenomenon isn't just another push that stems from white male privilege is a moron. Trans people make up 0.3% of the U.S. population yet people are tripping all over themselves to grant trans people access to female only spaces cause of a new found awareness that trans people exist. Chaz Bono publicly transitioned in 2008 but that didn't merit a new examination of trans rights and trans inclusive politics. Laverne Cox has been in the spotlight since 2008 in a variety of ways but it's a white male Caitlyn Jenner that suddenly launches trans people into the mainstream media's spotlight. Yep, it took a white male to make the issue worth talking about on a national scale and government directives. Brandon Teena's murder, sad but not worth a national conversation. The 22 black trans women who were murdered in 2015, yep they didn't matter much either. It's Caitlyn. And even trans rights activist focus more on trans women (biological males) than trans men but we're supposed to pretend that isn't sexism cause trans people are supposed to be magically devoid of problems like misogyny towards biological females cause they FEEL like women while refusing to listen in a serious way to women describe their experiences of womanhood.

Imagine if this outrage, this insistence on inclusion could be mustered in the name of women and girls. You know, the people who make up 50.8% of the US population. Imagine if our safety, welfare, health, and feelings merited the same level of conversation of biological males who want to insist they have the right to access women's so-called safe spaces. N.C. passed an absurd law about bathroom access for trans people and the country lost its collective minds whole ignoring the other parts of the law that impacted the rest of the general population. People are boycotting N.C. and refusing to do business in the state. Other states are refusing to spend money there by allowing state employees to travel there cause how dare someone suggest that a biological male isn't entitled to female spaces cause he likes wearing dresses and being called she/her instead of he/him.

Where was this outrage and protest when N.C. passed its law requiring trans vaginal ultrasounds for women seeking abortions? Where is the outrage as states like Florida and Tennessee criminalize women who have miscarriages or don't prove to meet some arbitrary standard of being the perfect incubator for a fetus that ceases to matter to the state the moment its born? Where is the outrage at the epidemic of rape and violence that women in this country suffer? Is anyone going to boycott Oklahoma because their laws don't protect women or girls from rape if they're incapacitated by alcohol or drugs? Is anyone going to boycott Oklahoma for its latest law criminalizing abortion and denying women bodily autonomy? Of course not, cause women and girls don't matter. We're only 50.8% of the population and the feelings of men, even men insisting that they're women, take precedence over us always.

Nobody sent for you, so why'd you come?

So apparently Khia a rapper or something, (the my neck my back my pussy and my crack song) decided to go on the radio and rant about Serena Williams appearing in Beyonce's Lemonade and how trashy it was or some shit. My first response is bitch who asked you? No really, who? Nobody was checking for your opinion on anything other than being a one hit wonder so why don't you stick to offering opinions on that and nothing else. Thanks. Which is problematic but I'm so sick of fucking black women shitting on women and upholding sexist bullshit notions of respectability politics. Also I guess she couldn't think beyond getting her moment of fame cause really that moment was fucking epic.

Obviously it was lost on this twit, that Serena's appearance in the video was actually really important and kinda powerful. Serena is a woman whose womanhood and femininity is constantly demeaned, like so many black women. She's accused of being masculine, or not as womanly as her white competitors. Black women are constantly told that they aren't as feminine or as sexy as women of other races, and Serena Williams puts up with a lot of that. Women athletes period put up with a huge among of that. Her appearing in a video dancing and oozing sexuality with Beyonce sitting on the throne she used for her Sports Illustrated cover (I think) was actually wonderfully symbolic.Two powerful black women at the top of their game choosing how to display their sex appeal and express themselves. That scene was epic even before you get into the lyrics of the song. But this twit decided to overlook that and go on another tired ass respectability rant tearing down black women, cause ya know when we twerk it's the worst thing in the world. I guess it's nice for her to finally be trending again after so many years of being utterly irrelevant.

I gotta use this one

got this from a tumblr post

Fuck you in every single orifice down to hell itself.

It's GLORIOUS. Hopefully I can remember it and use it someday.

Also I have wandered into the weirder part of weird ass tumblr. There are people who diagnose themselves with various mental disorders or ailments, then scream ableism / classism at anyone who doesn't validate their their dx, or suggests that they go to an actual fucking doctor. They this all the while demanding support, accommodation, and understanding for their condition, bitching about "neurotypicals" not understanding how oppressed they are for their . . . SELF DIAGNOSED illnesses. And yes that's multiple illnesses. Oh and some of them cope with these horrible illnesses they are suffering from and trying to bring attention to by indulging in being an Otherkin or they are also an Otherkin in addition to their extensive list of illnesses. Otherkin are people who are humans that don't identify as human cause they are also part fox, dragon, whatever. I was bullshitting with Erin the other week when i told her i identify as a unicorn and expect to be respected as such. I had no idea this was a thing.

This is the weirdest shit in the world. I mean really, these fuckers have taken their oppression Olympics to a whole new height. I miss the days of AOL chats when people did simple shit, like fake having cancer and faking their death. The world has gone mad and the evidence of it is on tumblr.

serious question: If men, biological male humans, are so dangerous to women and girls that every public building in the country needs to have a magic panic room where women/girls can run to get away from these dangerous predators, isn't that a reason to kill all men rather than create sex segregated spaces? Seriously. Any other rabid out of control predator that was a threat to BILLIONS of people we'd hunt to extermination so why not men if they're as dangerous as people are suggesting? That's kind of my problem with the whole bathroom debate, it makes a really disturbing implications about people carrying that y chromosome.

What's more puzzling to me is that trans rights activist aren't denying that males, or "cis men" as they refer to them, aren't a threat to women. Trans activist aren't denying that these magic panic rooms are necessary. Their argument is that "cis men" are more of a threat to trans people than anyone else so they need to have access to the magic panic room regardless of their gender expression cause they might be attacked. And, if "cis women" feel threatened by having someone who is biologically male or a person who appears to be male in their magic room of protection she's a transphobic bitch who deserves to die. Nobody seems to be questioning the idea that men are rabid predators looking for any opportunity to commit acts of violence, especially in stinky ass bathrooms. The argument mostly seems to be over where trans women should be lumped in with the other biological males. Weird.

I'm trying

Clearly I need to get my fucking ass off the internet. First some random ass person on tumblr sent me a PRIVATE MESSAGE to scold me about reblogging their post bc of some of the other shit I'd posted on my newly developing text post blog.

I responded, without going ALL the way off but a part of me is wanting to go all the way to the left cause it's like WHO THE FUCK are you and who the FUCK are you coming at like this? Nobody sent for you, so why are you coming for me. I didn't follow your fucking ass or ask for your goddamned views on what I should or should not be blogging if you don't go all the way to fucking hell and stay there . . . . ughhh uhhh uhhh I'm supposed to be writing . . . .

Then I go on twitter to see if I could see anything about the protest against Trump in Cali the fucking promoted tweet is for Roger Wicker's goddamned ass. I want to cuss, obviously I AM cussing but goddamned . . . like the fuck. What says I want to follow his trifiling bland no good ass? Like how'd I end up with that particular ad, i mean really. ughh. I want to throw things and howl in rage. And since there's no point, I'm typing waiting to see if the fool on tumblr is stupid enough to come at me sideways again. ughhh

Deleted Tumblr trans post

So I got into a . . . spat with some twits on tumblr who eventually blocked me cause you know facts hurts their feelings and they're violent. I'm deleting the post from my tumblr cause text post fuck up my layout and since I'm blocked from responding anyway, not much point in keeping it other than to refer back to as an example of pure fuckery on the part of so called trans rights activist who really are nothing more than run of the mill misogynist who hate women, except they do it while wearing dresses and insisting they are REAL WOMEN with a gendered brain an all (there's no such thing) and biological facts like X and Y chromosomes and there being a fundamental difference between biological males and females are really transphobic bigotry meant to hurt their sweet little trans girl feelings. Whatever

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Respectable Muslims mini rant

I'm over this notion that every good thing a Muslim does has to be brought to light to prove that Muslims don't deserve bigotry. I'm an asshole, often, and I don't see anyone trying to take my passport. Our rights as American citizens aren't based on what good people we are or how kind we are to others. Muslims shouldn't have to play the respectability politics game be treated like human beings. That's especially true when so many of us are assholes who proudly proclaim, wrongly, that the constitution gives us a right to be assholes.
so on Kat Blaque's facebook page she opened a discussion I love her for starting. Basically pointed out that the American emphasis on 6 million jews dying in the holocaust is born of racism because of course we ignore genocides of Africans or Native Americans. And when someone tries to bring it up the response is "get over it."

This person responded with a summation that has made me weak and giddy at the same time. I am in love.

Another Jew's perspective: America is not obsessed with the Holocaust only because it was a genocide mostly of people we now consider white. America is obsessed with the Holocaust because our society was founded on militarism.

The way the Revolutionary War is framed in our society is as a heroic rebellion against those who oppressed our freedom, completely ignoring the reality that wealthy white landowners just didn't want to pay (fairly minimal) taxes. So we are indoctrinated into a culture that views war as ambiguous - sometimes it's bad, but sometimes it's great.

Fast forward to the 1930s, and we couldn't give less of a crap about Nazis. In fact, plenty of Americans wholeheartedly supported the Nazis and their plan to "take back" their country. When they started taking over Europe we were a bit uneasy, but it didn't affect us that much, so f*ck it.

Instead of supporting human rights, we supported our right to not care and simultaneously profit off Europe's misery. We simultaneously touted isolationism and furnished supplies to those countries that were fighting, bolstering our own economy on the backs of our supposed allies.

We only entered the war because we were attacked, sparking our self-obsessed militarism again. We helped to defeat the Axis powers, and we got to spin the story any way we wanted because we won. So the story we are told is one in which America bravely took on Europe's war and succeeded where she couldn't because we were filled with the righteous might of a global superpower. But the reality is that we BECAME a superpower because we did nothing. The glorious economy of the 1950s was built ENTIRELY on the losses of Europe and the abject destruction that it suffered while we sat quietly by and profited.

And now, after numerous failed attempts to regain that militaristic glory, we remember that war FONDLY. It was a GOOD war. It was a RIGHTEOUS war. We succeeded not because we avoided years of battle, but because we DESERVED to win. And nothing reminds people of how f*cking deserving we were of victory like gruesome violence porn featuring the most sympathetic characters possible - white people.

So, what we are looking at here is not simply another facet of white supremacy and privilege, though I wish it was. We're looking at something MUCH harder to eradicate: the confluence of white supremacy with the most basic foundational tenet of our nation - that wars we choose to engage in are righteous and moral, and that we therefore deserve victory and domination. It is a NATIONAL ILLNESS, and will likely be even harder to fight than white privilege because it has formed our understanding of what it means to be American.

Say No To Twitter

I logged onto Twitter looking for a reason not to hate Cee-Lo because I love his music. All I got was a very clear reminder of why I hate people in general and religious fanatics in particular. I hate people. Like I really hate people and I can't help myself. They make me sick no matter how hard I try to like. Like seriously. Within 10 minutes the few post I read managed to hit on almost all of the reasons I despise and detest human beings. Blind loyalty to bullshit they don't even understand. Willful ignorance. Bigotry, sexism and just being generally vile. There's an asshole telling people that if they don't believe in Jesus and the bible His way then they aren't really christians cause his silly ass let someone tell him that the bible is the word of god, it isn't it really isn't, and that if you don't believe every word in the bible you aren't a christian. You don't have to read the damn thing understand it's history or anything about it, you just have to believe it. You'll be saved for a hell that doesn't exist by blindly believing a book you don't even understand. Just don't ask questions and you're fine. And that level of stupidity makes me want to punch people.

Then there is an asshat who asked if guys could forgive their girlfriends for getting raped if it was her fault. Like seriously. That's almost a direct quote. I don't have it in me today to deal with that level of fuckery and ignorance. I just don't. I mean really. I can't cause there's too much stupid there. My solution involves stabbing and cutting off body parts and maybe years of intensive re-education. Though really at this point I feel like we need to vote people like that off the island of humanity. I mean you're on the internet. It's full of information. There is no excuse for the level of ignorance and I don't want to hear bullshit about he doesn't understand. Clearly he doesn't understand but he fucking ought to understand and until he understands the fundamental idea that women are human beings with the right to bodily autonomy and that a man's ego and/or sex drive does not override the right or invalidate it he's not fit to be around anyone, including other men. Stupidity is a disease and we need to start quarantining it then correcting it.

Now that I've ranted i'm going back to what I was doing. Documenting my fucking music collection. ughhh